5 Quick Fixes When Migraines Attack


A few days ago, I experienced the worst migraine in the history of mankind… ok, maybe not mankind, but definitely within my lifetime. For a great illustrated guide to what the life of a migraine, check out this infographic

I’m that person who used to brush off those who suffered from migraines, (Sorry! I was stubborn, and now I know better!) thinking they were just bad headaches. I now understand the horrific pain that is a migraine.


I’ve experienced a couple before, but this one, this came with:
• flashes of light
• stiff as a board neck
• pain so bad I couldn’t sleep, or move
• extreme light sensitivity
• body aches
• vomiting

In my desperation, I was grasping for anything that eased the pain.
Here are 5 things that helped me:

  1. Complete darkness… or as close to it as possible. I’m serious. Draw the curtains, close the blinds, get your vampire on. The less light, the better. For me, light triggers my eyes to strain, which causes flashes of light, and more pain.
  2. Sunglasses… if complete darkness isn’t enough (it wasn’t for me!) I threw some sunglasses on to block out an extra radiant light. I had aviators lying around, but I would’ve gone for those old school wrap around style. The less light, the less strain.
  3. Cool wash cloth… migraines typically feel like inflammation of the brain, caused by environmental triggers, putting pressure on the skull, muscles, and nerves surrounding. Coolness helps ease the feeling of swelling and takes the focus off the pain. I held mine right over my eyeballs, which helped reduce the light as well. I also placed it on my neck to relax some of the tension.
  4. Close those laptops and shut those smartphones off… those screens are deadly to migraine sufferers. I looked at my phone for a couple seconds, WITH my sunglasses on, and had to shut it off. Your Twitter account can wait. Just say no.
  5. Peppermint and coconut oil… a gorgeous mixture of holistic healing for my migraine. Always dilute the essential oils in a carrier oil. Coconut oil wasn’t greasy and didn’t have any added scents, which can be another trigger for recurring migraines. I applied the mixture directly to my temples, gently, and put a little under my nose.

I truly appreciate the pain migraine sufferers go through. It is completely incapacitating and absolutely miserable. I hope in sharing my quick fixes, they are of some use to you. The other fix… is time. Don’t plan on doing anything while fighting a migraine, I was planted on the couch for a day and a half. Let yourself rest. Rest cures so much.

What are your quick fixes?


*Thoughts are my own. I am definitely not a medical professional, just someone sharing what worked for me. 🙂



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